• Reduce Back Pain
    Pilates strengthens the deep abdominal and trunk musculature, to provide stability andprotection to the spine. Research shows the deep abdominal muscles are weakened following an episode of back pain, resulting in reduced support to the spine and altered postural alignment. This weakness creates a potential for further injury and recurrent back pain.
  • Postural Correction and Body Awareness
    Pilates assists in correcting common spinal and muscle imbalances, to improve movement efficiency and balance
  • Stronger Toned Physique
    Pilates enables you to strengthen and tone the correct muscle groups, without building bulk.
  • Improve Flexibility and Agility
    Pilates improves an individual’s functional ability by increasing joint and muscle flexibility.
  • Enhance sporting ability
    By stabilising the spine, Pilates assists in training muscles to provide optimal efficiency, balance and co-ordination during sporting pursuits.
  • Pregnancy
    Strengthening the deep abdominal/ pelvic floor complex, in association with postural and breathing techniques, forms a vital part of pre and post natal management.