• pilates4-610x400Reduce spinal pain
    Following an episode of back pain there is discoordination of the deep abdominals and deep back muscles, resulting in reduced support to the spine and altered postural alignment. Targeted exercises both strengthen the deep abdominal and trunk musculature and restore the normal motor patterning to provide stability and protection to the spine, thereby reducing the potential for future injury.
  • Postural correction and body awareness
    Focused stretching and strengthening exercises help to correct spinal and muscle imbalances, allowing for greater movement efficiency with less muscular fatigue postural pain.
  • Improved flexibility, balance and agility
    Balance and agility are dependent upon many neuromuscular components such as muscle, tendon and joint mobility, fine motor control and proprioception. Clinical Exercise sessions include dynamic training to develop these components.
  • Enhance sporting ability
    Along with improved body awareness, balance and agility comes better co-ordination. Additionally, better stability and muscle recruitment patterns leads to optimal efficiency in movement. Clinical Exercise can also be adapted to replicate elements of your preferred sport or activity to enhance your overall performance.
  • Safe exercise through pregnancy and post-natal recovery
    Regular low impact exercise is recommended throughout pregnancy and during your post-natal recovery period. Clinical Exercise also strengthens the deep abdominal/pelvic floor muscle complex, which is a vital part of ante- and post-natal management.
  • Stronger, toned physique
    Clinical Exercise boosts your overall muscle strength and tone, without building bulk.