At Victoria Physiotherapy Group we offer two session formats to ensure we have a style to suit anyone. These are semi-private Clinical Exercise sessions and choreographed Mat Exercise sessions.

Clinical Exercise

Our exercise studio contains specialized exercise equipment including a range of Pilates machines, free weights and a dynamic resistance system, fit balls, foam rollers and a variety of small apparatus. Each session has a maximum of 3 clients, ensuring all attendees receive individual instruction and close attention to technique. This personalized approach means you get the most out of every session.

An initial assessment of 1-hour is required before participating. This allows your physiotherapist to review your musculoskeletal health and begin developing an individualized program to meet your goals.

Mat Exercise

Our mat-based exercise session utilizes body resistance along with small apparatus such as theraband, “magic circles”, foam rollers and small chi-balls to create an energetic and challenging workout. Each session is a choreographed full-body session that can accommodate up to 8 participants. These sessions are suitable for attendees with previous exercise and/or Pilates experience, who have minimal or well-managed pain or injury.

An initial assessment of 30-minutes is required before participating. This allows your physiotherapist to revise relevant principles of movement and discuss any areas of concern.