At Victoria Physiotherapy Group, we believe that giving back to our community is essential.

We’re committed to supporting the patients and their family and friends who support our business.

That’s why we’re proud to support the following local clubs and associations:

Southern Districts Gaelic Football & Camogie Club

Southern Districts Gaelic Football Club was one of the first clubs to bring Gaelic football south of the river and for consisting of almost all Australian born team members.

It’s not only a sporting club but a close community. For many of their new members, the club is a home away from home. When they’re not playing a game or two, the members are always on hand to provide great assistance and advice to new members on migration, community integration and job recruitment.

Victoria Physiotherapy Group is a proud supporter of the club through the donation of consumables, first aid equipment and discounted treatments.

Victoria Park Soccer Club

 When compared to other Perth soccer clubs, Victoria Park Soccer Club is still fairly new on the scene. The club was incorporated in 2014 by a group of people who love soccer and love Victoria Park. Their aim was to give the community a place where people can laugh and play in a healthy, supportive environment.

It’s this community spirit that motivates Victoria Physiotherapy Group to support the club by providing consumables, first aid equipment and discounted treatments.

Seniors Support

We’re also committed to ensuring the elderly in our community aren’t hampered by immobility or injury. We provide a 10% discount on treatments to all seniors.