An employee’s health and well-being in the workplace is a crucial factor in determining their level of performance and efficiency. This factor, combined with an optimal recruiting process to ensure employees are matched to the demands of the job, can determine the success or failure of a business.

VPG has provided corporate physiotherapy services to a variety of WA companies for over a decade. Our corporate clients have included; Qantas, Burswood Entertainment Complex, Woolworths, Silverchain, Transfield Worley and Viscount Plastics.

Our Corporate Physiotherapy Services include the following;

On-Site Physiotherapy Service

Improve you injury management program by having a qualified Physiotherapist attend your workplace, to provide professional treatment to your employees. All equipment and consumables are provided to ensure your staff members are pain free and performing at their peak.

Pre-Employment Musculo-Skeletal Screenings

VPG can provide a valuable insight to your recruiting process, by developing a specific pre-employment musculo-skeletal screening for potential candidates. This will enable you to determine if a candidates’ physical status and functional capabilities are suited to the demands of the job. The service includes an on-site visit to review the physical demands associated with the job, before developing an appropriate assessment and screening tool. Common screening parameters may include;

  • Past injury history
  • Range of Motion
  • Posture
  • Functional Strength
  • Orthopaedic tests
  • Abdominal strength/endurance
  • Lifting and manual handling ability and technique
  • Cardio-vascular fitness rating
  • A detailed report is provided, along with an overall risk rating for the nominated job description.

Ergonomic Worksites Assessments

Correct workstation design and layout is paramount in preventing employee injuries and maximising performance. An ergonomic assessment will review the following key areas;

  • Sitting posture guidelines
  • Adjusting your chair to suit individual characteristics
  • Correct positioning and alignment of computer monitor, mouse, keyboard and accessories
  • Postural correction and stretching exercises for the neck, shoulders and upper limbs
  • Recommendations regarding ergonomic aids to minimise repetitive strains

For further queries or a quote regarding corporate physiotherapy services
Please contact the clinic on (08) 9361 5123