Sarah Key is an international physiotherapist who is well known for treating and resolving problem backs. She has developed a particular form of manual therapy and self-help regime for sufferers of low back pain through her 30 years experience. She is the author of the best selling book, “The Back Sufferer’s Bible”. Her explanations of spinal joint breakdown and her use of simple exercises has made her very popular among chronic back pain sufferers. She is renowned for treating spinal problems with her heel and following peer pressure to teach her methods started running Master classes in 2004. Sarah has also written “Back In Action” and “Body In Action”.

Elesha and Karlee have attended Sarah’s Masterclasses, Stages 1 and 2, in Sydney and are accredited with her treatment techniques.

Sarah’s hypothesis is that pain develops when there is loss of fluid from the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc. This loss of fluid causes a gradual loss of pressure within the disc and it becomes a “stiff spinal segment” (Stage 1). As the segment loses mobility and the nucleus shrinks the load borne by the sensitive outer disc wall creates simple back pain. Loss of mobility over time may lead to further shrinking of the intervertebral disc and subsequently to compression of the highly innervated posterior facet joints causing “facet joint arthropathy” (Stage 2 and 3), and more back pain, which then often radiates to the legs. Eventually dehydration of the disc causes disintegration of the disc wall causing compression and irritation of the spinal nerve causing true nerve root pain (Stage 4). The end stage (Stage 5), is segmental instability, as the dehydrated disc loses significant pressure and fails to hold the vertebra stable in the spine. If the first 2 stages are not addressed, the patient may ultimately progress to the other conditions in the 5 stages of spinal breakdown.

Nominated staff at Victoria Physiotherapy Group have attended Sarah’s Masterclasses: Stage 1 and 2, and are accredited with her treatment techniques.

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