On Yer Bike Mate

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How can you get fit and save money in the process?  The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 16% of a family’s average budget is made up of transport costs.  Cycling could save you money, keep you in shape and you can have fun at the same time.  The weather is warming up and so it’s time to dust off your helmet, polish your sunglasses and hit the road.

Why Cycle in Victoria Park?

The Town of Victoria Park are actively making cycling safer and have introduced a wider connection between cycle routes and public transport.  The Integrated Movement Network Strategy states that the town will ‘enhance the urban environment and amenity with greater emphasis on provision for bicycle and pedestrian paths and connections to, and interchange with, public transport’ and ‘reduce transport cost for the community by providing better public transport services, improving pedestrian and cycling facilities and enhancing permeability throughout the town’.  There have been clearer lanes painted on some of the streets and you may have seen the cycle stations located around the town.  They have a pump and all the tools you need to fix your bike while out and about.

This one is at Aqualife on Somerset Street, East Victoria Park.


Some people are understandably nervous about getting on the road and there is a new initiative to help women.  ‘She Rides’ is a national introductory program designed to provide participants with the skills, fitness and most importantly the confidence to get out and ride.  It includes both road and mountain bike skills so you can chose your terrain and runs over eight weeks with a session once per week.  To find out more information go to:


If you are already a keen cyclist and need some assistance with aches and pains then do not hesitate to give us a ring on 9361 5123 or email admin@vicphysiogroup.com.au

Loretta and Emily are both keen cyclists and would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

With the introduction of paid parking in The Town of Victoria Park there has never been a better time to hop on your bike.