Corporate Physiotherapy

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As one of Perth’s leading physiotherapy centres, Victoria Physio Group offers several services, a selection of which are dedicated to corporations, as well as business individuals. From mobile physiotherapists that will visit your office to treat staff, to training your staff on correct sitting posture and how to avoid injuries in the workplace, we’ll keep your staff in tip-top shape.

On-Site Physiotherapy

Our South Perth physio specialists can come out to your office and treat your staff. All we’ll need from you is a space to set up our physio bed, ultrasound machine and consumables, and your staff can book in for 15-minute sessions as a patient (or longer, depending on that busy work schedule). How often we visit is entirely up to you! We can come in for an hour twice a week, or even just annually to check in.

Our physiotherapists can significantly improve staff productivity in the workplace by assisting staff with their ‘postural loading’, which looks at how employees are sitting at their desks. Good posture in the office is essential when workers are sitting in front of a computer all day, and we often find that up to 60-70% of corporate workers experience pain and discomfort all because of sitting incorrectly at their desk.

On-site physiotherapy visits prove to be very popular as EOFY and Christmas events to improve staff morale, and thank them for their hard work. Victoria Physio Group can even put together a bespoke corporate package to suit your individual needs.

Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screenings

As part of new staff training, Victoria Physio Group can come to your workplace, whether it’s an office, construction site or retail store, and run through a personalised ‘warm up for work’ routine that will ensure your staff are conducting themselves in a safe manner, especially if they’re often engaged in repetitive movements or their job requires manual lifting.

By employing the correct muscle use and postures for each customised activity, you’ll minimise the risk of injury in the workplace, and play a vital role in creating a safe working environment.

Ergonomic Worksite Assessments

Our ergonomic worksite assessments don’t just involve assisting your workers with their posture, we’ll also review the desk designs, and seating arrangements to ensure your workplace is as ergonomically correct as possible. This may include adjustments to seat height, back rest angle, keyboard/mouse position, monitor height/angle to name a few.

These services are beneficial to the musculoskeletal and joint health of your employees. This is especially important during the changing of seasons, as the weather, especially the cold, can have a negative impact on people’s health.

To maintain the physical health of your employees, and ensure you’re building a good rapport with them, while also actively seeking new ways to improve productivity, contact the team at Victoria Physio Group today.

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