Studio Pilates or Mat Pilates: What’s best for me?

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Pilates is a great way to strengthen essential core muscles, recover from injury, or get your body back in balance after having a baby. Workouts can range from simple strengthening exercises to a challenging full-body workout depending on your personal goals and fitness level.

At Victoria Physiotherapy Group, we offer two class types covering the full range of abilities; Studio Pilates and Mat Pilates. Both styles offer fantastic health benefits for but there are key differences that can tailor your decision when you are looking for a new challenge in our Vic Park Pilates classes.

Studio and Mat Pilates: What’s the difference?

Studio Pilates

The main difference between our classes is the level of personalisation and tailored progression. Studio Pilates, sometimes called Reformer Pilates, feature small group sessions with one trainer for up to three participants in a one-hour session. This means each class is specially designed to cater for the students’ individual rehabilitation or fitness goals. Clients can expect a personalised program designed to challenge them at their level. Studio Pilates programs start with a one-hour assessment that includes real-time ultrasound to identify, educate, and strengthen core muscle function.

The advantages of Studio Pilates:

  • A bespoke exercise plan, perfect for rehabilitation clients recovering from injury or muscle damage
  • The program is flexible and constantly evolving based on your progress
  • Ideal for improving pain management, posture, core strength, and flexibility
  • Reduce risk of injury and improve sporting performance by targeting groups of muscles

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates can accommodate more clients, with room for eight in a class. The whole class is guided by the instructor to do the same exercises, so while you are still getting a targeted workout and building strength there is less focus on the needs of the individual.
Many of our clients really enjoy the social aspect this offers; for South Perth and Vic Park residents looking for a challenging, fun Pilates class we offer exactly what they want.

The advantages of Mat Pilates:

  • Full body strengthening in a social environment
  • Each class is targeted at one specific area decided by the instructor, eg glutes, arms, pelvic stability, or abdominal control
  • Use of equipment like foam rollers, chi balls, spiky balls, TheraBands, or fit balls
  • Cost-effective way to get into Pilates as a first timer

So, which one should I choose?

If you are looking for a full body challenge that targets a different muscle group each class, then Mat Pilates might be the best option for you. Studio Pilates, on the other hand, is ideal for clients who need – or want – fully customised programs and the dedicated attention of the instructor. This could be clients undergoing rehabilitation from a sports injury, rebuilding strength after musculoskeletal damage, or wanting to strengthen certain muscle groups in line with their personal goals.
Studio Pilates is also beneficial for pregnant clients seeking to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles in a safe way during each term of the pregnancy. For post-natal clients Victoria Physiotherapy Group also offers a special Mums & Bubs class, run in a similar way to Studio classes to provide personalised programs.

For Studio Pilates and Mat Pilates in the South Perth and Vic Park area, look no further than Victoria Group Physiotherapy. Our classes are ideal for all ages and abilities, with the option to create a tailored program that helps you achieve your goals. Contact us today

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