Pilates and Physiotherapy

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Pilates may appear to be ‘just another’ class at your local gym, but it’s also a form of exercise that affords physiotherapists the opportunity to work with clients to improve muscle strength, limb alignment, postural issues, and to get the body up and moving. Clinical Pilates works to improve and optimise the stability of your core, to aid overall body movement which in turn minimises the risk of postural or overuse injuries.

How can Clinical Pilates support your physio treatment?

At Victoria Physiotherapy Group, our Clinical Pilates sessions are tailored to your needs to actively manage your injury or ongoing pain. Our instructors will customise each of your sessions, with the intensity and complexity of the exercises progressing as your pain resolves. At Vic Physio Group, all of our Pilates instructors are also qualified physiotherapists, fully trained and equipped with both the knowledge and skills to create the best possible treatment plan for you.

You might be wondering: why do I require Pilates on top of my physiotherapy treatment? Simple – when you undergo physio treatment for a sustained injury or pain, your physio will spend several sessions on manual treatments to ensure you’re out of the ‘danger zone’ for whatever ailment you’re suffering from. However, it’s rare for your body to revert to its previous state with symptomatic treatment alone; you’ll likely to need to make lifestyle changes or engage in additional exercises that keep your body mobile and in action.

There is where our combined Pilates and physiotherapy in Victoria Park deliver the perfect solution; tailored sessions allow you to target certain areas and work closely with your physio to discover the best techniques and exercises for your condition and physical health. By kicking off Pilates with your physiotherapist, and potentially continuing to engage with Pilates classes in the future, you can improve muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Type of classes available:

Clinical Pilates: During our Clinical Pilates classes, a physiotherapist works with you to fulfil your individual exercise goals, including: pain management, injury prevention, general strength, and conditioning. These are semi-private sessions (maximum of 3 participants), with an initial one hour assessment prior to your first session to finesse your individual program.

Mat Pilates: Mat Pilates combines abdominal strengthening, gluteal strengthening, stretching and flexibility exercises for a full body workout that will gradually develop your core strength and flexibility. Mat Pilates is a small group session, allowing up to 8 participants, with an initial 30-minute assessment for injury screening and basic Pilates technique training.

Roll & Release: Combining myofascial release techniques (to work on your muscle strength) and targeted stretching, Roll & Release is a perfect addition to your current exercise program, and is fantastic for improving your posture. Roll & Release classes are comprised of a small group (up to 6 participants), with no initial assessment needed.

At Vic Physio Group, our team of knowledgeable and experienced Pilates instructors and physiotherapists are on deck to help you get your body moving. If you are searching for an expert in physiotherapy in Perth, give us a call and book an appointment today – and let’s get your muscles back on track.

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