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At Vic Physio Group, we offer a wide range of individualised services for soon-to-be Mums, including treatment of pregnancy-related pain, management of pre-existing issues, and pregnancy Pilates. Our highly-experienced physiotherapists assess each pregnant client individually and create a bespoke treatment plan to suit their circumstances.

Pregnancy Pilates:

Our pregnancy Pilates classes are incredibly popular amongst expectant Mums. Undertaking Pilates throughout pregnancy not only serves to improve strength and overall wellbeing, but promotes stronger pelvic floor muscles. Our Pilates service begins with an initial assessment to thoroughly appraise your needs and capabilities, including an ultrasound to determine your current pelvic floor and deep abdominal strength, after which we’ll arrange a follow-up session to discuss next steps and run through the basics of Pilates.

You’ll be allocated to a class with no more than two other participants (expectant Mums only), taken by an instructor with extensive experience working with pregnant clients, and we offer a variety of classes and exercises tailored to each trimester. Pregnancy Pilates is a great way to improve physical endurance, prevent or reduce back pain, maintain and improve pelvic stability to combat pregnancy-related hormonal changes, and improve upper body strength in preparation for carrying your bub.

Pain management and treatment:

Many women experience back and pelvic pain throughout their pregnancy, due to the increased physical strain on your frame, but it isn’t something you have to endure. At Vic Physio Group, our highly-qualified physiotherapists offer individualised care for clients at all stages of pregnancy. We know you require a particular type of care, and it’s an incredibly demanding time – both physically and emotionally.

We’re here to assist you in easing some of the physical demands pregnancy places on your body, including musculoskeletal issues, pain management and digestive issues, and any additional physical concerns you may have. We focus on the pelvic floor in particular to assist you during pregnancy, labour and during those first post-partum months, to allow your body a smoother transition into motherhood.

Post-pregnancy services:

After your bub is born, the Vic Physio Group team are on board to assist with post-pregnancy pain or muscle issues. Many clients return to attend our Mums and Bubs Pilates classes, which encourage you to bring your baby to class and work side by side with other mums on regaining strength in specific areas of the body. Should you choose to attend a post-pregnancy Pilates class, your individual needs will be assessed and you’ll be appropriately matched with other mums in a small class tailored to your particular needs (a maximum of three participants per class).

We also assist in providing SRC Recovery Shorts – medical grade compression shorts that assist with physical recovery following birth. Our team recommend wearing them for 8-12 weeks post-pregnancy to reduce gaps in the abdominal muscles, and provide necessary support to the pelvic region.

Vic Physio Group offer a welcoming, professional healthcare environment for new Mums. With a wide range of services and individualised care, we’re here to guide you throughout your pregnancy – and afterwards! Get in touch today to book an appointment or initial assessment; we’re here to help.


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