Shoulder Injuries – What You Need to Know

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Vic Physio Group is one of the leading physiotherapy specialists in Perth, and as such, treating shoulder injuries is a big part of our job. Some of the most common shoulder injuries we see are rotator cuff disorders (tendonitis and tears), bursitis, arthritis, shoulder dislocations, and neck related shoulder pain. We also provide services to anyone recovering from an operation, such as a shoulder replacement or rotator cuff repair. We understand how painful these injuries can be, which is why relieving your pain and helping you recover is our biggest priority.

What Causes Shoulder Injuries?

Your shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in your body and relies on the tendons and ligaments surrounding it for stability. Because of this, there are a number of everyday activities that can be potentially damaging to your shoulder.

Repetitive movements, such as gardening or cleaning, manual labour (especially lifting), and many sports that involve throwing or tackling, are all common culprits.

These activities can damage and inflame your rotator cuff, which is what causes the pain in your shoulder.

Common Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries

If you think you may have injured your shoulder, look out for any pain around your shoulder joint that may extend to your lower arm and shoulder girdle, and check to see if you have any restricted movement. If you have trouble moving your arm above shoulder height, away from your body, or reaching around your back, you may have damaged your rotator cuff.

These symptoms can cause a lot of pain and make your movements even more restricted, especially if you don’t take it easy and seek treatment. If you think you have injured yourself, it’s best to consult with a professional.

Is Your Injury Serious?

If you’ve experienced any of the above symptoms, your injury may or may not be serious. However, if you experience ongoing discomfort at night, find yourself struggling to perform daily tasks, and the pain isn’t going away by itself, it’s best that you have your shoulder treated.

What to Do If You’ve Sustained an Injury

Once you’ve injured your shoulder there are a few steps you can take to lessen the severity of the injury, and to aid your recovery. In the first few days try to, rest, ice, compress and elevate your shoulder. It’s also advisable that you avoid any aggravating activities, such as lifting, or moving your arm around unnecessarily.

Depending on the severity of your injury, an initial course of anti-inflammatory medication may be needed. If you’re symptoms persist, of if you’re just unsure of what to do, it could be worth giving us a call.

Vic Physio Group’s Treatment

When you come to us for help we’ll do everything in our power to make you feel better. Your initial physiotherapy treatment will involve reducing the inflammation in your rotator cuff tendons and restoring the movement in your shoulder. To do this, we may have to do an ultrasound, and treat your injury through massage, acupuncture, or joint mobilisation therapy. All of these have been specially formulated to target specific shoulder injuries.

The main purpose of our treatment is to restore the strength in your shoulder muscles, to ensure you make a complete recovery. We’ll even send you home with a simple exercise program that features strengthening, stretching, and posture correction exercises.

If you’ve sustained an injury, or are suffering from any painful shoulder related conditions, contact us for an appointment or pop into our Victoria Park physiotherapy centre today.

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