Why Men Should do Pilates

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There is a common misconception that Pilates is just for women. It’s understandable given that Pilates has always been a female dominated exercise. However Victoria Park Physio Group are here to eliminate that stigma.

The physical and mental benefits of Pilates are almost endless, so if you’re missing out because of a misconception, it might be time to think again. We’ve pulled together just a few of our favourite benefits we see patients achieving from Pilates every day.

  1. It improves your flexibility

Flexibility is important for everyone, as it increases your range of motion. This means your body will be able to move and stretch throughout the day as it needs to, and won’t cause you any pain. Furthermore, when you have good flexibility it will be easier to improve your posture and avoid unnecessary back pain.

The more muscle mass you have the less flexible you will be. Engaging in regular Pilates exercise will strengthen your muscles by stretching the body properly. This means your body will be fit and strong, but also gaining all-important flexibility. Correct stretching also helps prevent injuries and muscle strains. This is of particular importance if you frequently lift heavy weights. Whether you’re lifting weights in the gym or you have a labour intensive job, Pilates is a great active recovery for your muscles.

  1. Pilates is a body and mind practice

Perth Pilates goers live busy lives, so finding time for body-mind balance is very important.

A key element of Pilates is being aware of your breathing and controlling your breath, while working on each movement and concentrating on proper form. By engaging both your body and mind, Pilates is truly an exercise that takes a holistic approach to your health. Pilates movements are founded on healthy movement principles for the human body. This is why your Vic Park Pilates instructor will encourage you to give full attention and care to every movement.

This can be challenging at first, but when you give your body and mind’s full attention to your practice, you’ll be sure to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  1. Build core strength

Your core is one of the most important muscle groups in your body. Having a strong core keeps you stable, improves your balance and contributes greatly to your overall health.

When we talk about the core, many people immediately think just of the abdominal muscles, but in reality your core musculature groups include your abs, back, glues and inner thighs. These muscles are responsible for supporting you and keeping your posture in check. Whether you’re sitting, standing, exercising or going about your day, it’s important that these muscles are strong and healthy. When these muscles aren’t worked, they can leave your spinal column susceptible to injury.

Pilates exercises focus on using your core to power movement in your limbs. This means that with every Pilates workout, you’re working, strengthening and toning your whole body.

Your flexibility, mind and body health and core strength are just a few of the reasons to give Pilates a go. This super strengthening exercise is in no way just for females, everyone has something to gain from Pilates. If you want to learn more and get advice from the experts, get in touch with the team at Victoria Physio Group.

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