Benefits of Doing Pilates While You’re Pregnant

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While pregnancy can be hard on your body and even physically draining, Pilates exercises can do a lot for women during pregnancy. This strengthening exercise is safe during pregnancy, and completely adaptable for each individual.

There are so many reasons for women to take up Pilates during pregnancy, but we’ve pulled together our favourite four to get you started on your Pilates journey today.

  1. Strengthen your muscles

Leg cramps and varicose veins are common issues for pregnant women. Pilates can help in preventing and easing these issues by strengthening the muscles in your legs. Another important area to focus on strengthening during your pregnancy is your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is like a hammock of muscles that sits under the pelvis to support the bladder and bowel. By working to strengthen these muscles, you’ll not only be working on a vital group on muscles, but also setting your body up for success. A strong pelvic floor will minimise the time it will take your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state and prevent incontinence issues from arising.

  1. Reduce back pain

Back pain is perhaps the most common issue we hear about from our pregnant patients here in Vic Park. Pilates can help with this immensely. Because of the strong focus on the core muscles, Pilates will make you more aware of your posture and train you to keep a strong back throughout your day.

Pilates also strengthens the stabilizing muscles, especially those surrounding the hips and pelvis to ensure less discomfort. These muscles in turn support the lower back, making it easier to carry the additional load that comes with pregnancy.

  1. Control your breathing and relax the body

As well as being a fantastic workout for your body, Pilates is a great way to keep your mind in check.

Taking the time to relax during pregnancy is truly priceless. While there are so many changes taking place in your body, ensuring you have some time to yourself to calm your thoughts and relax will make your whole pregnancy less stressful.

Pilates always focuses on taking deep breaths and controlling your breathing. This will help you centre yourself and enable your mind to slow down. Furthermore, the breathing techniques you practice during your Pilates class can be applied when giving birth and can help you to relax into the process.

We’ve seen the pregnant women of Perth benefit hugely from Pilates, not just physically – but emotionally too.

  1. Improve balance

Pregnancy will naturally cause a change in posture for most women as your weight is distributed differently. Although you may not feel a big change right away, feeling more clumsy or unstable are signs of your posture changing.

To keep you safe and prevent any injury, it’s important to be in control of your balance. Pilates can help with this.

By working your core muscles, you’ll be able to maintain your stability throughout your pregnancy. The core muscles are those in your abs, back, glutes and inner thighs. Pilates works all these muscles and keeps you strong and stable.

A pregnancy brings a lot of changes to your body. Victoria Physio Group are experts in how your body works and how Pilates can help your body navigate these changes. Get in touch with us today to start strengthening your body and mind through Pilates.

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